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Dane County Equal Opportunity Commission


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ORD. AMDT. 17, 1999-2000

The commission shall advise the county executive and county board on ways in which county government can affirmatively create equal opportunity for the county's diverse citizenry, including county employees. This includes policy advice and oversight of the county's efforts to provide equal opportunity pursuant to chapter 19, which commits the county to take affirmative action to provide opportunities in employment and county contracting for groups that have been historically excluded from the county's workforce and contracting. The commission shall also advise and assist the county executive, county board, and county staff to promote full participation of traditionally under-represented populations in broader community life, including opportunities related to employment throughout the Dane County economy, housing, recreation, economic development, and the social and political life of the community. The commission may initiate special projects to enhance opportunities for traditionally excluded groups; collaborate with a wide range of individuals and organizations in the county to provide positive means of engaging the community in equal opportunities; and design initiatives and support existing efforts to increase cooperation and enhance understanding among diverse populations. The commission shall also serve as a resource for county government on matters pertaining to the county's diverse population.

The commission shall consist of nine members. In making her or his appointments, the county executive shall give due consideration to a membership which reflects the gender, racial and ethnic characteristics of the Dane County community, including representatives of people with disabilities. At least two members shall be county supervisors. No more than one member shall be a Dane County employee.

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